Monday, 30 December 2013

When you feel you will always be alone

Negative feelings inside

There are some people in life who haven't really had it well in the world of relationships. They ofcourse have dated a couple of times but things haven't really worked out well for them always resulting in a painful break up. Others have actually never even dated in their life and even though they have wanted to, they just feel like nobody is really interested in them. Heres some good advice for you, if you are one of those people? you are not alone. Lets dive into this further!!

Dealing with long distance relationships

When distance kills love

There are a lot of long distance relationships in this world today and the truth is, we all know that this presents a few challenges right? or maybe alot of challenges. However, you have to admit that many long distance relationships have also worked too. But what do you do when distance actually begins to corrode, erase or even kill true love? Well heres some good advice for you, you need to act quickly and FAST!! Since you may be dating lets dive into this shall we.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Questions to ask yourself before breaking up

Something to consider always

There may be those times in life when we just think that the relationship we are in is going nowhere. That has happened to alot of people but still, should we rush into a break-up? or should we first seat down and understand some important questions. Heres some good advice for you, there are a couple of questions you should always do well to consider before rushing into a break-up. Lets dive into this shall we.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Work and Family

Maintaining a balance

Being part of a family unit is really something truly special. However, the truth is most of the times work can seriously get in the way of family. How so? Well the more time you spend at work, the less time we spend with our families. But the truth is, we all know that we have a responsibility to take care of our families however the question still lies, how do we maintain the balance? Heres some good advice for you, priorities do really matter.

Single parent advice

Are you ready for remarriage?

Being a single parent is never easy because the truth is you become the father, mother, breadwinner and friend to your children all at the same time. Ofcourse you may think in your minds how wonderful it would be to have a spouse who would not only show some love to you, but also show love to your children. In this day and age everything seems to be a challenge but heres some good advice for you, are you really ready for a remarriage? if so, what are key things to consider before entering a remarriage? Heres some good advice for you, READ ON!!!