Monday, 23 September 2013

Tips to a good conversation on your first date

Making a conversation last

When you have found somebody you really like and think you see yourself spending the rest of your life with that person in the near future, you may definitely feel the need to begin dating. Now when you finally agree to go out on your first date, it can be really hard to know what exactly you are going to talk about. Well here's some good advice for you, you have to have something to say on your first date and it should be really something good. Lets get into this topic a bit further shall we.

Making your date really interesting

On your first date there is need to really enjoy a good conversation by bringing out good topics which would interest the both of you. It really isn't so difficult to do if you come to think of it because the point is, you want to get to know each other and that's the whole point of dating. Here are some tips to making the date interesting by having a good conversation.

1. Ask interesting questions; Asking good questions about the person actually demonstrates how interested you are to know them. Dont ask complicated deep questions but ask simple light questions such as how was your day? where is your family? what you love? All those simple questions can actually begin a conversation that would eventually become very interesting. Word of caution, don't interrogate your date at all.

2. Move at the right pace; When conversing on the first date there is no need at all to move too fast or too slow just move at the right pace. You don't need to go too deep into a persons background or past, just keep it comfortable and at the right pace. Here's some good advice for you, there is plenty of time and plenty of days ahead to get to know each other.

3. Share something about yourself; Ofcourse it is always good to share something about yourself but dont overwhelm the discussion to the other about yourself entirely. It shouldn't be about you only but should be about the two of you.

4. Tell them how you feel about them; Openly express yourself if you have to, how you feel about them and perhaps how you got to be interested in them. It is good to be sincere and explain what qualities you particularly liked that drew you to them.

5. Be humorous;  Not always easy but is important. Have a few laughs because thats what will make the date really interesting.

Good advice to handle the outcome of your first date

If your first date was very successful then there is reason to be very happy indeed. Ofcourse sometimes it doesn't always turn out like that but that shouldn't tear you down because what is important is that there is always a next time. As you continue getting to know each other, genuine couples will not focus much on the light flaws but on the strengths. Whatever the case, all the best!


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