Monday, 12 August 2013

What to always carry when travelling

Going for a trip are you?

It is that time again in your life when you have the opportunity to go on a trip. Traveling on vacation is just one of those things we all look forward to especially when we want to keep our minds off the pressure we receive from work and anxieties of life. You know something, traveling is even more exciting when you ensure you carry everything that is needed for the trip. There are two things here, you want to carry things that are either for a short trip or a long trip. But whichever way it goes, here below is some good advice pointers that you should always carry when traveling.

Good advice on what to carry when traveling

1. Laptop, Phone and Earphones; The number one thing in my list is the laptop, phone and earphones. Why are these the most important? Well isn't it obvious, you need to communicate with whoever it is out there you need to. In my opinion the laptop and phone mainly helps with communication through the internet and mobile. But another reason you need a laptop is because you can store your soft copy novels, magazines or other stuff that will make your travel entertaining. You can also be able to watch movies. Dont ask me what the earphones are for...You know it already.

2. A Camera; Taking memorable photos is one of those things which when you look back, you will be happy you never missed on an opportunity. Dont carry a heavy sophisticated camera that would only make your luggage heavier, carry a pocket type.

3. Credit Cards and Cash; Carry a balanced amount of cash and then your credit cards. Don't remove all the money from the account because if it gets stolen during your trip you lose everything, have sufficient cash incase you dont get a chance to find any ATMs.

4. A pocket knife; Incase you are not sure what to expect I mean anything can happen out there depending on where you are going.. A pocket knife isnt such a bad idea.

5. Some bottles of Water; Remember you dont always know what happens out there. But some bottles of waters could be helpful during your trip. You may get thirsty or you may need to wash your hands, carrying bottles of water may seem like a good idea for anybody.

6. Medicine; If you have allergies or medication you should be regularly taking, never forget to carry your medication along. Remember, your life may depend on it.

7. Comb, toothbrush, toothpaste and small tablet of soup; Just incase things don't turn out as expected, it may be useful to always have in your bag the things mentioned in the preceding.

To make your trip very memorable, it is advisable to save adequate money for your trip. Wherever you decide to go, make sure to check with locals on the best places to visit and all other expenses that goes with lodging and food. If you are driving over long distances and you feel sleepy be sure to stop for a few moments on the side of the road to take a long nap before resuming your journey....You dont want to take chances now. Be sure also to check that your vehicle is in good condition before actually making the long trip to a certain area of your choice. In my opinion, keep your money, phone, laptop and personal identifications stuff close by at all costs and dont assume anything. This advice blog wishes you a wonderful travel.


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